Monday, June 21, 2004

Kiki's B&B

So, I'm going to tell you all about my family's bed and breakfast. First off, you cannot come to stay here. Yes, we arrange cool tours to waterfalls, the world's largest glacial pothole, museums, parks, and a coal mine, but you cannot come here. This is because it is a Flat Traveler Bed and Breakfast. If you do not know what Flat Travelers are, then it is highly likely that you do not have one. So, for your sake, I'll explain:

Flat Travelers are a picture (drawing, photograph, printed cartoon, etc.) that you give a name (like Flat Shara) and put in an envelope and mail to various parts of the world. For instance, I have three that are currently on their ways to Hawaii, Michigan, and England. If you want to learn more about Flat Shara, then you can read her website at If you are interested in creating your own Flat Traveler, go to

That's all for now.



well, here's  some  more  about  me.
my  brother  and  I  like   to do almost  everything  together.  Play, talk, listen  to  music, you  name  it. Unfortunately, we  also  bicker  quite  a  bit.So,  that's  all  for  now.
-NOT Kiki.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

What do you want to know about Kiki?

First of all, I'm *not* Kiki. I have my own name, but I'm not telling the whole Internet what it is, because I am mysterious. Bwahahahahaha!

H-ahem. Sorry. I got a little carried away. At any rate, my name is not Kiki, but I'm not telling you what it--never mind.

So, I live in a state, and in a small town in the United States of America. I live in the wonderful mountains of (----)! You should really see them. It looks like--wow, it's just really beautiful, especially in the spring, and in the summer, and in the fall. In the wintertime it's just really cold, and you're too busy trying to keep your feet warm to look up.

So, this is probably going to be a little bit of a weird thing, but I am not Kiki Kangaroo. It's a name that I made up while my brother and I were playing a game. His name is NOT Joey.

At any rate, some more about me:

I like to read, swim, run, jog, play, sing, act, climb trees. I play soccer and tennis. I wanted to learn to play the piano, but then it got crunched--long story. And, I know a little bit of the recorder. I have lots of friends, and I homeschool. I am 11 years old. (And if you want to try to find an 11-yr-old who lives in a state in the United States in a small town in the mountains, by the name of Kiki Kangaroo, good luck to you!)

I have two moms, and no dad, and I am a wonderful Wiccan child who is stuck in a little Catholic neighborhood. It kind of stinks. Oh, well. Enough about me. Now you can just read the rest of it!